She’s Been Always Dying in the Inside

Obviously not mine, but I keep using it anyways.

The opposite of love is not hate,
but indifference.

I’d like to add, “Mind your place and the way you talk to me. Do not ever question about my ignorance because you’re definitely the answer.”

I was probably a sad kid who tended to get emotionally hurt so easily and would like to think that people in general are bad and selfish because it is their nature.

To: Jimin
Why did you question me though?
It was just my opinion. (sighed)

I told Jimin that I generally hate people, that I don’t like them because of the way they are, and not to mention about how much I’ve been hating myself for being so humanly — weak, stubborn, selfish, arrogant prick, et cetera. But, I used to told Ma that I didn’t hate her (while mentally taking note that I actually neither like nor love her).

I got hurt, you know, and I’ve been thinking about this over and over without getting any conclusion or solution, but things got worse. Things are indeed falling apart yesterday. I felt the hate and contempt. It made me felt so ugly and I hate it. I decide to take my leave on several days. I still hope things would get better. Yet, I couldn’t even decide when or how I got home. That’s actually irritating. (sighed)



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