Andy’s Instagram Update

윽 오징어당 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ

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I’d like to think that I was the one who took this picture.

I wish I was there. Invited, personally cheered him up as much as I could, greeted his parents, worried about nothing but to only stand by his side. (Conversation with a friend yesterday evening led me to this: a moment of delusion.)

Anyway, I thanked Andy Hyung for letting me know that he’s alive. He only updates when it has something to do with his brother or his brother’s band. He’s kind of making me upset about closing the café — yes, I still not get over it — and being so busy — I don’t even know what exactly he does — because his existence is as important as his dearest brother.

I hope he could know how I feel about him now and then. He’s part of Hyowon and Donggun. He couldn’t just separate himself like that and made me wondering. That’s exhausting. Somehow I was afraid to see something I shouldn’t, but he gave me not much choice. I had to prepare myself and took the risk. How could you, And? 😦


Any comment would be lovely. ♡

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