Badass Mara

Weirdly engaging.

I am no fond of so much sexual intercourse in a book, yet Mara’s attempt to search for Connie and her exploration through the renowned Scholomance: school runs by the demons, did let me stay and finished her journey upon realization that she was one of them. One of the master, indeed.

Book’s Detail:
Kindle Edition, 563 pages
Published January 8th, 2012 by A Red Hot Romance Book

Do read this book if you enjoy submissive, gore, devils, demons, magic (although I wouldn’t say this book is all about that, I came for that though), the art of knowledge, the art of life (I didn’t know why, but I was impressed, fascinated even), dark fantasy, and so on.

Reading is fun, but I have no patience — even a lil’ bit — upon the first pages if it simply bores me. I am not a good reader, even declare myself that I am fussy, but this book … this book got me. The thought of Mara and Kazuul still lingering in my mind, as if their story had not been ended. I crave for more, but it was well-executed already.

I’d read some reviews. It came to me that it’s just a matter of taste and how many books (with the same offers) have you read. I concluded that I like this book, some people may not, but I don’t care. I hope I can read any other work by the same author in the future. When the time comes, hopefully. He-heh. I’m just too lazy.


Any comment would be lovely. ♡

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