Familiar yet Unfamiliar

” … 얼마나 보고싶어했는지, 얼마나 사랑했는지, 이젠 정말 … 안녕~”
— 앨리스: 원더랜드에서 온 소년으로 김환 (2015)


Started with We Got Married Season 4, then ended up watching Alice: Boy from Wonderland. Jjongah couple really caught my eyes because they looked so good together. Jjong Oppa is handsome, no doubt, and charming with his own way while Ahyoung Eonni is cute, bubbly, and pretty. She fitted Jjong Oppa‘s personality so well. Their interactions seemed natural and so I adore those two so much. 💔


Any comment would be lovely. ♡

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